Corporate Social Responsibility


DGB has always been mindful of the impact of our wine and spirit production, distribution and exports, with a track record of sound environmental practices and accreditations. A comprehensive Carbon Footprint audit helped formalise DGB’s greening project. This has provided the foundation for several reduction initiatives to minimise our footprint across our operations.


Douglas Green is a partner in the international Fairtrade programme (FLO), a worldwide initiative encouraging Third World producers of wine and other agricultural products to commit to improving the lives of people involved at all levels of the production process.


DGB has a tightly controlled Quality Assurance system to ensure that the standards of our business practices, extending to our suppliers in the production and manufacture chain of our products, is approachable and fulfills all legal obligations and minimum international standards of best practice.
Our Production Facility is supported by a World Class laboratory which is run by a highly qualified and multi-skilled team assuring excellence and quality control through every stage of wine and spirit production.