The Tall Horse Wines

Out with the airs and graces and in with Tall Horse wines and those who like to enjoy a good glass of quality vino.




You know what rhymes with good times? Tall Horse wines!

We’re less about the nose-in-the-air-ness and all for wines that are easier to drink than they are to pronounce (honestly, what’s more useless than the ‘t’ in Merlot?)





So please, throw everything you know (or don’t know) about wine out the winedow*, and simply enjoy our different varietals and different take on wine.



Environmental Responsibility

DGB has always been mindful of the impact of our wine and spirit production, distribution and exports, with a track record of sound environmental practices and accreditations.

Corporate Responsibility

We are driven to make our communities sustainable for years to come.

Our humanitarian ethos defines the way we engage with our employees, business partners and customers, as well as the communities where we operate.

Social Responsibility

Our aim at DGB is to remain socially and environmentally responsible, while enhancing economic opportunities which serves our business and society.

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