A Pioneering Spirit – Over 100 years of quality winemaking

The Back family history in South Africa commenced at the start of the last century, when C.L. Back arrived on the shores of Cape Town, as a penniless political and religious refugee from Lithuania. After graduating from working as a dockhand, C.L. became a bicycle delivery ‘boy’. This was until he had saved up enough money to purchase a butcher shop in Paarl. As legend has it, an individual approached him in the shop and inquired about his interest in buying a farm. This inquiry resulted in C.L. selling the butcher shop and acquiring the farm Klein Babylonstoren in 1916. The winemaking journey of the Back family had just begun.

Over the years Backsberg has evolved. In its 105 years, it has been a mixed farming operation – from fruit to grapes and even livestock – but today the focus is on the wine business. Celebrating four generations of family ownership, and several years of quality winemaking, Backsberg continues to thrive by honouring the past whilst simultaneously forging ahead with forward-thinking holistic practices.

Leaders in sustainability

In 2006, Backsberg became South Africa’s first certified carbon neutral winery. At the time, the winery was one of only three to hold this accreditation on a global scale.  The family continue to farm in this manner holding additional accreditations with the well-recognised Wine and Agricultural Ethical Trading Association (WIETA) and the Integrated Production of Wine (IPW) initiative. Over the years, Backsberg has also been an acclaimed WWF-SA Conservation Champion. Backsberg places great importance on a sustainable future for all.

Winemaking Philosophy

Backsberg’s winemaking philosophy can be expressed simply. The aim is to provide pleasure and enjoyment in each, and every, glass. Emphasis is placed on soil health and gentle handling of the grapes to retain the specific fruit character of each cultivar. For the Backsberg team, the true test of whether they have met market demand lies in the word ‘drinkability’. Winemaker – Alicia Rechner – ensures Backsberg’s collection of award-winning wines are seamlessly integrated – tannins, acids, alcohol, sweetness and oak maturation all come together in perfect harmony.

Environmental Responsibility

DGB has always been mindful of the impact of our wine and spirit production, distribution and exports, with a track record of sound environmental practices and accreditations.

Corporate Responsibility

We are driven to make our communities sustainable for years to come.

Our humanitarian ethos defines the way we engage with our employees, business partners and customers, as well as the communities where we operate.

Social Responsibility

Our aim at DGB is to remain socially and environmentally responsible, while enhancing economic opportunities which serves our business and society.