Old Road Wines Co.

Special pockets of Franschhoek Terroir

We tell the story of special pockets of vineyards, grown in the rugged corners of the Franschhoek Valley, one of the Cape’s finest wine regions. Chief Winemaker, Ryan Puttick, specialises in finding unique old vineyards planted on the high slopes of Franschhoek, that carry the distinctive profiles which bring to life our premium wine offering. In doing this, the Old Road Wine Co. has succeeded in creating a sensory journey of discovery that will please the sipper to the savant.

The stories

Painting a picture of the Cape Winelands during the 19th century, the labels of Old Road Wine Co. tell the real stories of ordinary characters who provided charm and colour to the Winelands and Franschhoek at a time when this town was rather isolated from the rest of the world. The talented winemaker, Ryan Puttick, was the conduit bringing past and present together. “Like the stories they tell, Old Road Wine Co.’s wines are made to engage the consumer from the moment they are spotted on the shelf, right through to the moment the empty bottle is removed from the table,” said Puttick. The wines are made with specific audiences in mind, creating a curated experience.


The single vineyards

Our premium offering consists of carefully curated wines from unique terroirs. We work hand in glove with the growers of these unique old vineyards, some of them more being 85 years old, and in such a way to reflect the purest expression of this Franschhoek terroir. As nature has done her part in providing us with these special grapes, it is now our turn to return the favour and do the work in the cellar to make sure each vintage is stand-out. We follow a philosophy of minimal intervention and do our best to coax the wine as gently as possible into the bottle.

Environmental Responsibility

DGB has always been mindful of the impact of our wine and spirit production, distribution and exports, with a track record of sound environmental practices and accreditations.

Corporate Responsibility

We are driven to make our communities sustainable for years to come.

Our humanitarian ethos defines the way we engage with our employees, business partners and customers, as well as the communities where we operate.

Social Responsibility

Our aim at DGB is to remain socially and environmentally responsible, while enhancing economic opportunities which serves our business and society.

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