South Africa has a rich and varied terrain and is famed for the ancient soils and diverse properties across our wine growing regions.

In 1973, the introduction of the Wine of Origin System saw the division of South Africa’s Winelands into demarcated regions, each divided into districts, then wards and finally, estates.

Our Viticulturist

DGB’s dedicated Viticulturist has extensive experience with the diverse vineyards  of the Cape Winelands. In our search for great grapes from wonderful growers, our Viticulturist is the critical link between these growers and winemakers in the Cellar.

To honour our philosophy of authentic expressions and minimal intervention, a stringent viticultural regime is followed to ensure exceptional quality fruit and healthy vineyards. Our Viticulturist is a great advocate of biological farming, taking the most natural course of action wherever and whenever possible.

Driven by passion and respect for the greater environment as well as the tremendous wealth of the Cape floral Kingdom, Our Viticulturist is an important leader of DGB’s sustainability and carbon offset projects ensuring the utmost integrity of nature in all our operations.

Wine Brands

Environmental Responsibility

DGB has always been mindful of the impact of our wine and spirit production, distribution and exports, with a track record of sound environmental practices and accreditations.

Corporate Responsibility

We are driven to make our communities sustainable for years to come.

Our humanitarian ethos defines the way we engage with our employees, business partners and customers, as well as the communities where we operate.

Social Responsibility

Our aim at DGB is to remain socially and environmentally responsible, while enhancing economic opportunities which serves our business and society.