To know where you are going, you have to know and embrace your past. This life wisdom also rings true for wine.

Our premium wines are aged in a cooled vinoteque at optimal circumstances with the purpose of reaching each wine’s ideal maturation. As time passes, our winemakers return to these wines to taste and track their development. Since some wines age better than others, the storing of these wines for such long periods allows the team to evaluate and discover new aspects of the wine, providing insight for future vintages by informing our vineyard selection and winemaking techniques.

Vinoteque wines are also used for vertical tastings.  In these tastings winemakers compare various wines from our portfolio, in which all the wines are produced under the same name or label but come from different years. 

Specially selected wines with outstanding qualities are also held here to be released at a later stage, while some of these venerable wine treasures are safeguarded for restaurants who list special vintages.

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