Maturation Cellar

When wine meets wood, a magic unfolds that is as old as time, but has evolved into a fine art in the modern era.

Ageing in oak barrels is an integral phase for the making of quality wines. For this reason this process is a focus point for DGB and receives consummate attention and resources.

Our maturation cellars collectively house around 5 000 barrels.

These are mostly of French origin, with American and Hungarian oak also strategically used. Though mostly used for the ageing of red wine, a select few white wines also spend time in barrels. 

Barrel sizes at DGB range from 225 litre barrels to large format 5 000 litre Foudres, which impart varying amounts of oak flavour to the wine.

Even on this vast scale, quality remains our first priority. As barrels are handmade from wood, each barrel is slightly different. Barrels are therefore handled, assessed, and tasted individually before any blending takes place. The maturation cellars are humidity and temperature controlled environments to ensure every wine develops to its full potential in optimal ageing conditions.

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