DGB strives to achieve excellence in every aspect of our business by leadership through SERVICE.

Suppliers join us as partners in striving for leadership in service.
Ensure all our business dealings are of the highest ethical standards.
Reward, uplift & empower those employees committed to service excellence.
Value-added brands through innovative marketing and service.
Invest to ensure that we maintain the highest level of quality standards in production.
Customers must view us as their preferred supplier.
Encourage the responsible consumption of our brands at all times. 

DGB has a Code of Ethics that illustrates our commitment to high ethical standards, and we always endeavour to reflect this in the workings of our staff at all levels.

It is of the utmost importance that the behaviour of our employees is beyond reproach as we believe that our collective behaviour reflects our company and business ethics overall. DGB is firmly committed to the principles of sound corporate governance as contained in the King Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa.

As a proud South African company, we expect all our employees to abide by the laws of the country. We support the aims of the South African Constitution to improve the quality of life of all citizens and free the potential of each person.

Our Code of Ethics does not only provide guidance on individual behaviour of DGB staff, but also helps to understand how the company responds to important issues within the industry. It is our stated intention that the products we distribute should be enjoyed in a responsible way. The code is endorsed by the DGB Board of Directors and compliance is a condition of employment for all DGB employees applying to both local and international activities.